Cape Town

The first DisruptHR on African soil.

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DisruptHR Cape Town

The Rebellious Future of HR, in Cape Town.

DISRUPT is an information exchange designed to energize, inform and empower executives, business leaders and people in the HR field. Are you tired of the same old approach to Human Resources? Are you ready to start talking about talent in a whole new way? DisruptHR is for you!

What is it?

DisruptHR is built on the belief that how we’ve approached people and talent in the past won’t be the best way to approach them in the future. DisruptHR is founded in the idea that ALL business leaders (and that includes you, HR!) need to be ready to take some risks, to stir the pot… in short, to DISRUPT.

Should I attend?

DisruptHR is a high-energy idea forum designed to inform and empower executives, business leaders, people in the human resources field and anyone, really, who is PASSIONATE ABOUT TALENT.

What's the deal, anyway?

Join us for a lively evening of spirited, focused presentations by local professionals who'll share their disruptive ideas on how to move our collective thinking forward when it comes to talent. We're taking the brilliance of TED Talks, adding a pinch of energy from Ignite events, finishing it with a dash of "talent" and giving each speaker 5 minutes to blow your mind on topics relevant to the human experience in the workplace!

No, you don't have to be in HR to attend nor to submit to speak. In fact, Disrupt talks have been given and attended by C-Suite Leaders, Technologists, Restaurateurs, Students, Politicians... and, yes, even a few HR Professionals.

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Next event: 5 March 2020

👉 DisruptHRCPT #7 will take place on 5 March 2020 at 6pm at Red & Yellow Creative School of Business.
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Speakers 5 March 2020

  • "The Future of Work" - Stafford Masie (General Manager, WeWork)
  • “Creating intelligent teams” - Paddy Upton (Coach)
  • "Up-skilling and Re-skilling the Workforce for the Digital Age" - Melody Xaba (Digital Skills Strategist, My Future Work)
  • "The end of H.R. and a new beginning as H.E." - Colin Hall (Partner, Learning to Lead)
  • "Building a resilient high performing culture in the digital age" - James Hebbard (Chief People Officer, Tencent Africa)
  • "Empowering people to thrive through tech mentoring" - Tumi Sineke (Head, OfferZen Foundation)
  • “What is good vs bad culture in the digital age?” - Nevo Hadas (Managing Partner, DYDX)
  • “Tracking the new currency: Design Thinking” - John Noble (Director, Bizrev)
  • “The Culture Police - how to build a culture, not a rule-base” - Sarah Rice (Chief People officer, Skynamo)
  • “HR Bot” - Rose Elcock (HRBP, Virtue HR Solutions)
  • “Character Development - the source code to Leadership Development” - Marc Rogatschnig (Managing Director, Tidal)
  • “When It Comes To Wellness... Reaction Is Too Late!” - Riaan van der Walt (Owner & Wellbeing Physiologist, Healthyworx)
  • “Looking at "culture" through a humanities lens” - Theran Knighton-Fitt (Co-founder, Mygrow)
  • "Build the humans, the products will follow" - Dean Broadley (Full-time human, Designing Humans)

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