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We aren’t interested in lengthy CV's.
We are more interested in what you have accomplished personally. Have you taken the time to create a side-project, write a blog, learn a new coding language, climb a mountain, swim across the ocean? It’s the challenges that you have attempted that counts with us.

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Hi5's offices are located in Sunny Cape Town, South Africa, however we have a remote work culture.

 🐸🐸🐸 Find out more about How we work with 3 frogs and a remote team.

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“I have loved working at Hi5. They have an amazing team (who love to surf) and a very laid-back but hard-working culture. Hi5 has equipped me with invaluable tools and techniques. Their culture is centered around learning, so the responsibility is on you as to how much you get out of your everyday.” - Bex.

"Hi5 gave me the opportunity to grow into my position as a Hi5 Hero. I didn't have all the skills or experience I needed when I started out. Hi5's culture of continuous feedback, hard work and recognition for a job well done is the perfect environment to learn new skills. It's also super fun!" - Sharné.

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