Simple, easy
and fun

Somebody’s done a great job? It’s simple - whip out your phone and give them a Hi5.

Attach GIFs and images

Use GIFs or images to add fun to your appreciation. Tag co-workers who worked together on a project.

Recognition from peers

Eradicate the top-down recognition.

The Staff love Hi5, it's amazing to see recognition without having to be everywhere all the time.
Geoff Noble Co-owner of Colombo Coffee and Tea

Motivate by Recognition

All Hi5’s appear on the Hi5 Wall of Fame instantly. Everyone in your company sees who gets Hi5’s and what they are being appreciated for - public recognition is a powerful tool in the workplace!

Back a Hi5

If you agree with a Hi5 on the Wall, you can back it.

Crown a Hi5

Management can Crown Hi5’s that are extra praise-worthy.

Recognition culture

Tag Values in a Hi5 to measure how people are living up to what the company stands for.

Stream view of Hi5’s

Use Hi5 Stream view of the Wall of Fame to make recognition more visible in your office.

Recognition Analytics

An easy, real-time way for management to see who has been receiving and giving Hi5’s across Departments, Roles and Offices. No more second-guessing when it comes to who deserves company recognition - when the company is continuously contributing recognition data, you can quickly see who’s making an impact.

Measure Culture in real time

The Culture ratings & Hi5 tagging continuously updates in real time. It’s a great way to compare and measure how the Values are lived out across the company, Departments and Offices.

Continuous feedback

By enabling employees to anonymously* rate each other and the company, the company effortlessly gets feedback from employees around the Culture, Growth and Happiness of the company.
*Depending on settings.

Simple and easy

No more lengthy forms - simply rate on your phone. It only takes 5 minutes!

Automatic reminders

Don’t worry about forgetting to rate someone, we’ll remind you. No more excuses ;)

Measure Culture

Compare and measure how the Values are lived out across the company.

Employee Growth

Make performance conversations easier by looking at real time employee data and insights.

Measure company culture

Now that employees are continuously rating each other and the company, leaders can continuously have a view of the culture of the company.
No more laborious meetings or forms required.

Hi5 Company Status


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