What is Hi5?

Companies use Hi5 for the following reasons

Save administration and time

Who has time for more meetings and paperwork? We've made recognising and rating co-workers super fast, easy and (dare we say it) fun.

Track employee health

What you need is simple and regular reporting which keeps you updated on your employees and their progress. A tool which enables you to take swift action whilst there is still time. Our manager dashboards have been designed to do just that! So... take a glance, take an action and get back to work.

Recognise and appreciate

You've arrived at your meeting and your colleague has clearly brought their A-Game today. C'mon, whip out your phone and give a Hi5! Giving team mates the recognition they deserve is more motivating than you know.

Improve and measure culture

We all know that culture eats strategy for breakfast. We help measure and track culture in your company, so you can make continuous improvements.

Help employees grow

Each staff member is given 5 goals. Studies show that anything more than 5 is representative of 2 jobs! This is great for companies that have implemented KPI or OKR for their employees.

5 Minutes

Each peer review is made to be simple, fast and easy to complete. Let’s be honest, if they're not- reviews just don't get completed. No one has the time to fill in arduous, lengthy forms.

Companies Getting Better Working Together with Hi5

Companies Getting Better Working Together with Hi5

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