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Games 🕹️

flat fee per month
Unlimited users
Engaging games and knowledge sharing for your entire company.

🎮 Engaging Games for Entire Company
🏆 High Scores
👥 Employee Profile Management
👋 Flat Fee for Unlimited Users
🙌 Unlimited Hi5's for Recognition
ℹ️ Support & Knowledge Base
💳 *Credit card only

Awesome 🙌

per user per month
FREE for up to 10 users
Unlimited Hi5’s, Crowning and Recognition Reports to effortlessly measure appreciation.

🕹️ Hi5 Games
🙌 Give / Receive Unlimited Hi5's
👑 Hi5 Crowning
📊 Recognition Reports
✔️ 5 x Free Pulse Surveys
📣 Team Communication
🚻 People Directory
🕸️ View Company Organogram

Business 💼

per user per month
14-day free trial
Measure and Report on Recognition, Growth, Culture and the Happiness of your company.

🕹️ Hi5 Games
🙌 Hi5 Awesome
📊 Measure performance and goals
❤️ Measure Company Culture
✔️ Unlimited Pulse Surveys & Reports
🕸️ View & Download Organogram

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It's been a super helpful engagement tool for the company.
Trevor Gosling Co-founder & CEO, Lulalend

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