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GlueData Services

"Hi5 has made an enormous difference to us in our performance review process. We use it to get 360 degree feedback on all of our team members."

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"Hi5 can be used to drive different streams of employee engagement... it's become a part of our culture and enabled us to reward people who really deserve to be rewarded."

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"Everybody loves recognition and that was something that was lacking in our business."

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"It's really been great for the employee morale and the team spirit in general."

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"We use Hi5 because we believe in the power of recognition & showing gratitude to people who do great work and contribute to team members and building their careers."

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M&C Saatchi Abel

"It’s very easy to get Hi5 kick-started in a couple of weeks ... really rich insights & data that we can use to better understand our own people."

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"What I love about Hi5 is that it creates a sense of cohesion, so it brings the team together."

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"I've definitely seen an improvement in employee happiness and in culture."

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"People are happier and they are willing to give each other feedback, which we didn't have before."

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The Really Great Brand Company

"It works for our business and it really has driven an amazing culture through the team."

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"It's been a super helpful engagement tool for the company."

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Mortimer Harvey

"Hi5 motivates us; it gives us a positive outlook about ourselves, because other people are seeing it."

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Hi Calibre Engineering

"It's a cool concept to spread the happiness around and to know what's happening in the company."

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Colombo Coffee & Tea

"Hi5 has been a breath of fresh air - it's easy, it's quick and gives immediate feedback."

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Moving Tactics

“It pushes you to actually give recognition, which you wouldn’t usually do.”

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Blue Moon Corporate Communications

"The app helps them, reminds them, to actually say thank you."

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