Tips to Attract and Manage Young Talent in this Pandemic

Keep your business open and cut operational costs through effective talent management.
Tips to Attract and Manage Young Talent in this Pandemic
Nikita Singh

By June 2020, about 47 million Americans had reportedly filed for unemployment benefits from the government. This isn’t surprising if we consider the number of small to large businesses in the US that’ve filed for bankruptcy, floundered and failed or even forced to close shop for good due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath.

In such a bleak scenario, it’s still possible to keep your business open and cut operational costs by attracting and managing young talent during the pandemic.

Reasons to Attract Young Talent

You might wonder how attracting young talent can keep your business afloat or save it from bankruptcy and closure. If that were the case, why are organizations that had highly skilled and qualified talent shutting down?

The answers lie in the following points:

  • With schools and colleges not likely to commence learning any time soon, there are countless youngsters wanting to work from home or join the American workforce in some way.
  • Hiring younger talent is far easier than looking for very skilled and experienced people for your business.
  • Young talent means lower payroll expenses, which can help your business to save those few hundred vital Dollars.
  • Young people are more likely to adapt to newer technologies that are necessary for working from home or remote locations.
  • It’s a well-known fact that youngsters are good ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers and could come up with solutions that defy traditional working styles of companies and businesses of all types and sizes.

Tips to Attract & Manage Young Talent

Considering the above points, any business that can attract and manage young talent has better chances of survival due to economic downturns and other problems caused by the pandemic.

Therefore, here are some superb tips that might prove handy for your business.

Strengthen Remote Work Strategy

Contagion, lockdowns and social distancing norms are consuming a better part of 2020. As a result, the majority of employees are unable to attend the office to work. At the same time, quite a few of these employees aren’t really geared to work from home.

You can attract and retain young talent by strengthening the remote work strategy of your business. This requires complete reduction or lowest possible dependence on offline resources and shifting them to online processes where possible.

Look at hiring for short-term positions that suit youngsters who are looking for jobs and have the necessary skills. Instead of hiring one employee on a full-time basis, consider younger remote workers that are willing to work in shifts. That way your business remains open around the clock.

Provide Online Training

Training is the best way to attract and manage young talent. That’s because you can develop a talent pool that your organization requires to overcome hurdles and losses the pandemic is causing. And this talent pool would prove useful once things get back to normal, regardless of the time-span.

Furthermore, training is also one of the best ways to develop loyalty amongst employees and to show appreciation.

Nearly 70 percent of all staff attrition in the US and elsewhere occurs because employees believe their work isn’t duly appreciated.

Nowadays, plenty of online courses are available at affordable and reasonable rates. They can help young talent to develop their skills to match your business. Generally, younger employees will look for what’s for them while taking any job. By providing free online training, you’re giving a very strong reason to answer this question.

Hire More Interns

The pandemic isn’t really a time when any business should be looking for specific educational qualifications and degrees or even more skills from any new hire. At such a time, the best way to get work done is by providing six-month internships that would suit the needs of any young worker.

Paid internships that relate to one’s field of study can attract a lot of talent. You can offer paid internships on an hourly-pay basis, which encourages youngsters to log more time at work to boost income. You should also provide incentives for excellent work where possible, since it helps retain young talent and develops loyalty for working with your business.

Advertise Through Social Media

Facebook and LinkedIn are the best online resources for encouraging young talent to join your business. That’s because most young people would also be scanning LinkedIn or recruitment portals to look for jobs. In fact, most of them would have a LinkedIn profile or be looking for jobs at this time. Therefore, social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn would prove to be your best bet to attract young talent.

Usually, jobs posts on Facebook are visible only within a specific geographical location, and on LinkedIn you can target as per your requirements. This means that your business can attract people who live in your city or nearer your location.

There’s also a good chance that a young aspiring worker might know your business and wish to work at your company, if the terms and conditions suit their needs.

Show Why Working with You is Important

And finally, highlight why working with you is important. This can be done by speaking about the skills that young talent can develop when they work at your organization.

Talk a bit about how it would help them in their future careers. To do so, showcase what your business has to offer in the skills or remuneration part of your job post.

People will apply for the position when they know it suits their future goals and career objectives.

If possible, offer to hire such young talent on a permanent basis in future if they perform well. This takes away a lot of uncertainties over jobs in future that younger people are facing right now. In fact, not even the best graduate in America can guarantee themselves a job at the time of the pandemic.

In Conclusion

Hiring young talent to take over tasks that require a lot of energy is the best way to tide businesses over during the current financial crunch due to the pandemic. The above tips could help you find and keep young talent and retain them as a valuable, experienced talent pool for future positions.

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