Nathalie Schooling  -  You Can't Have Memorable CX Without Great SEX!

Nathalie Schooling from Nlighten at DisruptHRCPT #4 - 2.8.2018
Nathalie Schooling  -  You Can't Have Memorable CX Without Great SEX!
Refiloe Metsing
“Hiring and retaining people with the right attitude is absolutely vital in creating amazing client experiences.”

In this provocative presentation, Nathalie Schooling — CEO of Nlighten — discusses the relationship between client satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Common sense dictates that an engaged, satisfied staff will result in engaged, satisfied clients, yet companies have been slow to acknowledge this.

The proverbial finger of blame is pointed squarely at business leaders who lack either the knowledge, or the desire to communicate directly with their employees. Good SEX — Staff Engagement Experience — is all about consistent communication and making staff feel like their work contributions are valued.

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