It’s better to give than to receive

Too often people aren’t appreciated, that’s why we created Hi5 — to make recognition simple, easy and fun again!
It’s better to give than to receive

Too often people aren’t appreciated, that’s why we created Hi5 — to make recognition simple, easy and fun again!

Why is appreciation so important for you?

“Feeling genuinely appreciated lifts people up. At the most basic level, it makes us feel safe, which is what frees us to do our best work.” - HBR, “Why Appreciation Matters So Much”

Hi5, together with Colombo Coffee & Tea, are giving you the chance to recognise a co-worker and get rewarded for doing so.

How does it work?

  1. Download the Hi5 app for Android or iOS.
  2. Sign up for your free Hi5 account.
  3. Think of a co-worker who deserves some appreciation.
  4. Hi5 your co-worker with a creative, genuine message.
  5. We pick a great Hi5 & reward the giver!

Don’t have Hi5 yet?

Click on one of the buttons in the footer to download the Hi5 app for Android or iPhone. You can also sign up via the Try for free button at the top of this webpage.

How do I win?

It’s simple, just give a worthy Hi5! We will be selecting Hi5's that are creative, authentic and have received a fair amount of Hi5 Backing — so, get those fingers typing!

What can I win?

One of 5 x 250g bags of coffee each month from our friends at Colombo Coffee & Tea! (including delivery within SA)

Your choice of the following coffees: Aggressive Chocolate, Tanzania — Mimba Estate, Colombia — Huila Estate, Tanzania — Aviv Estate
“Colombo Coffee & Tea is a young and vibrant team of roasters, baristas and tasters. We source the finest green coffee from growers in Africa, South & Central America and Indonesia which we sell to our wholesale customers and in our café.”

The ‘Big’ Print (Terms & Conditions):

The Give Campaign competition is limited to companies (and their employees) operating within SA.

The prize is a voucher and will be delivered electronically via email. No prizes can be swapped for cash (but you won’t want to anyway!) and are only valid with the Sponsor respectively.

The winners are selected by Hi5; our decision is final and will be announced on the Hi5 Blog and relevant Social Channels (TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIN). Join and like us on social media! Oh and give a big ups to our sponsors @Colombo_Coffee

Questions or feedback?

Email us at

Interested in sponsoring prizes?

If you have an amazing product or service that is ‘praise-worthy’, we’ll back you! Get in touch with us at

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