Focus on people, not on administration

Tracking your companies health has never been so easy.

What you need is simple, regular, easy to digest insight on how your employees are doing, so you can take swift action while there is still time. Our manager dashboards have been designed to do just that, so take a glance, take an action and get back to work.

Acme Inc’s current staff reviews

Reviewing co-workers on the go, is like a walk in the park.

We’ve made reviewing co-workers super fast, easy and actually a little bit fun. With the mobile version, you’ll be finished reviewing a co-worker before you’re finished your tea.

Don’t leave them hanging, Hi5 them for a job well done.

You arrived at your meeting and your colleague clearly brought their A-Game today. C’mon, whip out your phone and Hi5 them. Giving team mates the recognition they deserve is more motivating than you know.

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Our 5 step process works like magic, because it’s science.



Each staff member is given 5 goals. Studies show that anything more than 5 and they should be doing 2 jobs! This is great for companies that have implemented KPI or OKR for their employees.



We strongly recommend only assigning each person 5 co-workers to review, because no matter how large the company most people only really work closely with a maximum of 5 people. This will ensure everyone receives qualitative, aggregated, un-biased, anonymous reviews.



Each review is made to be really simple, fast and easy to complete. Because if they’re not, they just don’t get done. No one has time to fill in arduous, lengthy forms. We’ve made it so each review takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.



Our tests show that reviews should be done 5 times a year. No more, no less. This is the perfect number for tracking trends while provding enough time inbetween reviews for staff development.



Give your peers the praise they deserve, each person is allocated 5 praises to give out a year. Make sure you use them wisely and don’t leave your peers hanging ; )

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