How to set the vision and values in a high performance company

Listen to Bailey Kropman from Superbalist on organisational design in a scaling startup in our first podcast episode of Working better, together.

Welcome to our first episode of Working better, together!

In this episode, we chat to Bailey Kropman (At the time of recording she was the Head of Talent and Organisational Performance at Superbalist, now Head of OD and Talent Management at Takealot.Group). is South Africa’s biggest and trendiest online shopping destination for fashion and apartments.

Bailey takes us through how she has impacted the growth at Superbalist — which was literally a startup when she joined 3 years ago.

We discuss her learnings of blitz-scaling from 5 to 150 employees, whilst retaining the high-performance startup culture.

We also discuss retaining the culture by intentionally setting up the vision and values and continuously getting buy-in from leadership, as well as the rest of the company.

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