National High Five Day

Give a Hi5 to give!

Give a Hi5 to your friend, colleague or pet on National High Five Day and we'll donate R5 for every Hi5!

What is National High Five Day?

It's a fun commemorative day all about spreading good vibes and high-fiving people! National High Five Day takes place on the third Thursday every year. We want everyone to share why their friends, colleagues and pets are so awesome, and we're donating R5 to Aid 4 A.I.D. or the National Mentorship Movement for each high five given with the hashtag #IgotHi5ed

How can you take part?

1) Give a high five to your friend, colleague or pet on your preferred social platform (FacebookTwitterInstagram).

How: I @giveahi5 to (Person/Pet) (insert reason here.) #IgotHi5ed

See the example below:

2) Tag or mention your friend, colleague or pet.

If you Hi5 a person, we'll donate R5 to National Mentorship Movement (NMM). If you Hi5 a pet, we'll donate R5 to Aid 4 Animals in Distress.

3) Don't forget to use the hashtag #IgotHi5ed and to mention @giveahi5.

Keep your 👀 on social for updates! (FacebookTwitterInstagram)

Which charities are involved in our National High Five Day celebrations?

Aid 4 Animals in Distress is a young animal rescue organisation run by a group of full-time professionals who are extremely passionate about animals. They aim to rescue injured and/or abandoned animals in the Kirstenhof area, as well as to educate their community on the proper treatment of animals. So far, they've rescued over 450 animals! Check them out.

National Mentorship Movement

National Mentorship Movement (NMM) was established following a forum of businesspeople in 2015 to discuss the challenges facing South Africa. It identified the need to introduce business mentorship at scale to support entrepreneurs and others throughout the economy. Their vision is to recruit 100 000 active mentors, mentoring one million SME's by the end of 2021. Check them out.

Fun facts: where do high fives come from?

There seems to be plenty of stories around the origin of the high five and even people who claimed to have invented it themselves (like Magic Johnson who suggested that he created the high five in the 1970s). Some say it started in women’s volleyball in the 1960s, others say it came from a greeting done by American GI’s during World War II in Tokyo, Japan. The high five also features in a 1960s French movie called Breathless.

It is generally accepted, though, that the first real high five was done by Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team on October 2, 1977. This is how journalist Jon Mooallem from ESPN tells the story... Read more here.

Give a Hi5 to give!