New features: Nov 2019

We launched 1 more new feature in November, before everyone hits the road for December holidays.

This month's updates:

🌐 Invite by Domain & share link to join your company.

πŸ‘‘ Admins get a prompt to Crown after giving a Hi5.

πŸ€” You can choose the Permission when adding a user.

πŸ—‘οΈ We removed the Company Feedback feature & report - use Pulses to run External surveys instead and get feedback from customers!

New Features: June 2020

This month we launched a massive update on Notice Board - Calendar view, Events, Scheduling & more!

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How Hi5 Works

Unlock culture with ongoing recognition and feedback. Here's a 4min video on how Hi5 works.

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New features: May 2020

Some long-awaited new features have finally been launched!

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