New features: July 2019

July's wrap up of new features and updates. Grab a ☕ and hit ▶️!

New features released in July 2019:

🙌 Company Values displayed on Hi5 Wall of Fame

👑 Admins can Crown Hi5's via the Recognition Dashboard

📝 Premium Pulses allow you to use pre-made survey questions

🏅 You can run pulses on Individuals (for reviews) and choose who rates them

🎉 Values Creator PLUS - our side-project featured on Product Hunt - allows you to create company values options, get inspired by the values of great companies like Buffer, Amazon & Drift, and then get your team to vote on these!

How to use Hi5 on MS Teams

Adding & Setting up the Hi5 app on your Microsoft Teams account is super easy. Here's how to use Hi5 on MS Teams.

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Hi5 Digital Onboarding

Our virtual onboarding video to help you get your team active on Hi5 🙌

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New Features: June 2020

This month we launched a massive update on Notice Board - Calendar view, Events, Scheduling & more!

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