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Gather continuous and real-time feedback from your employees to improve the Growth, Culture and Happiness of your company.
Hi5 Slack app

Continuous feedback.

By enabling employees to anonymously* rate each other and the company, the company effortlessly gets feedback from employees around the Culture, Growth and Happiness of the company.

*Depending on settings.

Simple and easy.
No more lengthy forms - simply rate on your phone. It only takes 5 minutes!
Automatic reminders.
Don't worry about forgetting to rate someone, we'll remind you. No more excuses ;)
Measure Culture.
Compare and measure how the Values are lived out across the company.
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Measure Culture.

The Culture ratings & Hi5 tagging continuously updates in real time. It’s a great way to compare and measure how the Values are lived out across the company, Departments and Offices.

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Company progress at glance.

Now that employees are continuously rating each other, managers can continuously have a view of the progress of their employees. No more laborious meetings or forms required.

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Employee Growth.

Make performance conversations easier by looking at real time employee data and insights.

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