7 Tips to Jump-Start Your Digital Marketing Team Creativity 🎨

There are plenty of ways you can kick-start your digital marketing team and get the creative juices flowing.
7 Tips to Jump-Start Your Digital Marketing Team Creativity 🎨
Arthur Evans

Digital marketing isn’t an easy job. It requires an almost endless stream of creativity, but the human mind isn’t a limitless source of incredible ideas that can simply be supplied on demand. Even the most creative people can have periods where their imagination isn’t quite as vibrant as usual, and even the most successful marketing teams can struggle with a lack of ideas from time to time.

If and when this happens, it can feel like a major challenge for any business. After all, in the modern world, digital marketing is one of the primary ways in which companies spread the word about their products and services, generate leads, keep in touch with existing customers, and generally build the profile of their brand.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can kick-start your digital marketing team and get the creative juices flowing once more, raising engagement levels and getting every member of the team working together once more to produce effective, efficient campaigns and take your company to the next level.

Don’t React Harshly to Mistakes

A big part of fostering creativity and bringing out good ideas is being willing to accept the less good ideas when they arrive. Creators shouldn’t feel frightened to make mistakes and throw all their ideas out on the table, so don’t react badly or punish those who might make errors now and then or come up with ideas that don’t quite work.

Create a positive, welcoming work atmosphere.

A Change of Scenery

One great way to help create the perfect in-house marketing team and give your creators a breath of fresh air is by giving them a new environment to work in.

In the same way that writers often relocate to new places in search of inspiration, marketing creatives can also benefit from a fresh change of scenery now and then, instead of being cooped up in the same old office all the time.

Consider taking the team to a local coffee shop or even heading outdoors to a nearby park.

Make Everything Easier

In order to truly liberate your digital marketers and allow them to let loose the full scope of their creative abilities, they can’t be tied down by trivial tasks and menial distractions.

Take a look at what their work involves and find ways, such as automation software and useful plugins, to free them of some of the more trivial aspects of their work.

Avoid Strict Deadlines

Deadlines are an important part of any business, but when it comes to creativity you can’t always rush things. The best ideas often take time to form and grow, so by giving creators a strict deadline and high pressure you’ll only make them more likely to rush and deliver something sub-standard.

You can still have deadlines and targets in mind, but try to give your teams the freedom to work without constantly reminding them of timers and limits.

Give your teams the freedom to work.

Get Other Teams Involved

Sometimes, looking at problems from another angle or getting a secondary perspective on a situation is just what you need to figure it out and find the inspiration you were looking for in the first place. The same logic applies when it comes to digital marketing campaigns too.

If your marketing team is struggling to find a solution, why not bring in another team and see what they make of it? This will provide a little fresh perspective and some new ideas. You might be surprised to see what can come out of some ‘cross-pollination’.

Brighten and Tidy Your Workspace

Earlier, we mentioned how a simple change of scenery can spark creativity, but you don’t even necessarily need to head somewhere new to bring your marketing team’s mojo back.

You can also simply revitalize your existing workspaces in fun and fresh ways, tidying up clutter, moving furniture and workspaces, bringing in new plants and colour or art on the walls and generally making the place more fun and inspiring.

Digital marketing specialists aren’t machines. They’re creative people.

Take Breaks

Digital marketing specialists aren’t machines. They’re people, with people’s emotions, needs, pressures, and responsibilities. You can’t expect them to simply churn out one innovative idea after another without any downtime.

So, if your team is struggling to get that creative spark, don’t be afraid to give them a little break or allow them to switch to a simpler task for a day or two and get back to the main project later on.

A little downtime can make a real difference for creativity.

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