Shandre Petersen - Our Youth - Our Future

Shandre Petersen from The People Experts at DisruptHRCPT #4 - 2.8.2018
Shandre Petersen - Our Youth - Our Future
Refiloe Metsing

If young people are the future, then they should be given every opportunity to grow into their full potential. The question is, are local businesses committed to inspiring the youth to achieve their career goals? Shandre Peterson makes a call to action for business owners to invest in South African youth by becoming transformational leaders.

Businesses can give back to economically disadvantaged communities by equipping young adults with the skills they need to be competitive in a tough job market.

Inspiration, empowerment and education are instrumental in showing the youth what they are capable of. Shandre believes that HR professionals and business owners need to reflect on what their companies are doing to guide the leaders of tomorrow into a more prosperous future.

“Equip them, educate them, show them that their dreams are actually possible.”

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