Marc Rogatschnig  - Could the future be more human than ever before?

Marc Rogatschnig from Tidal at DisruptHRCPT #4 - 2.8.2018
Marc Rogatschnig  - Could the future be more human than ever before?
Refiloe Metsing
“The future is most certainly more human than it’s ever been.”

“We need to change,” says Marc Rogatschnig. He’s warning the audience against a potentially cold, sterile future dominated by machines. But Marc is far from a technophobe. In fact, he welcomes the use of technology to do our dirty work. Let computers handle the tedious, exacting busy-work too mundane for people to bother with.

Marc, a consulting psychologist, argues that technology leaves humans free to do what we do best; connect and build relationships. However, we need to wield it wisely or risk consequences.

Look no further than what is happening to children today. As more kids grow up interacting with the world through the screens of their smartphones, emotional intelligence among the youth is on the decline.

Marc’s plea is that we be careful with the younger generation, lest they grow up to be socially clueless adults. After all, humans are social creatures and strong social connections in the workplace play a vital role in employee wellbeing. He remains cautiously optimistic about the future, though.

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