Keeping it in the Team

We’ve recently launched the Hi5 Microsoft Teams app. Say Hi 👋 to integrated employee recognition.
Keeping it in the Team

Management & HR teams are looking for a simple way to integrate recognition into their company culture, but are bogged down with laborious admin: emails, spreadsheets & iffy nomination processes.

With many organisations already using Microsoft Office products choosing Microsoft Teams as a platform for collaboration, file-sharing and communication, it only makes sense that we would start receiving requests for an integration with Hi5 — a simple, fun app for building a culture of recognition.

It’s super easy to add the Hi5 app to your Teams toolbar (just click on the 3-dot menu on the left and then search for ‘Hi5’ in the Teams app store, then click ‘Add’), and once done you’re able to log into your Hi5 account and start giving Hi5’s. We made a quick video to demonstrate the power of recognition within Microsoft Teams:

Why is it cool to give Hi5’s on Microsoft Teams?

A Hi5 is your recognition message given to one or more co-workers to celebrate and show your appreciation for excellent work or key positive behaviours. You can personalise your Hi5 message with an image and emoji, too.

Last but not least, if the Admin has added the company’s values to the Hi5 account, you can also tag the company values that the Hi5 exemplifies. You don’t have to break your workflow by leaving Teams to give valuable company-wide recognition to your co-workers.

All Hi5’s given in Teams are shared in a designated channel and allows for Hi5 Backing (acknowledgement or agreement).

Each user can access their Hi5 Profile to keep track of the recognition they’ve given and received.

Moreover, you can add a Leaderboard tab to your Team which updates in real-time and helps you to highlight top givers in your company or department.

Using Hi5 on Microsoft Teams means managers are freed up from admin and can easily check on real-time recognition data, while team members enjoy celebrating each other with Hi5’s — all without leaving Microsoft Teams.

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