How to sniff out the sentiment of your company culture

Are you nosy about the sentiment in your company? 👃Scenty helps you sniff out the sentiment of your conversations.
How to sniff out the sentiment of your company culture

Have you ever caught a whiff of toxic culture in a conversation at work, but then brushed it off because your co-worker’s probably just having a bad day? Toxic workplace culture is a killer when it comes to employee engagement, and you could argue that the words spoken at work define the culture.

Think about it: you get verbal recognition, verbal warnings, and gossip at work. These conversations make or break employee relationships with one another and the company, and have a huge impact on employee experience. Words are powerful.

We’ve just launched a tool called 👃Scenty that can help you gauge the sentiment in your company by analysing text.

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Why did we build this? Oftentimes, you receive feedback from co-workers or clients in email or social media and struggle to gauge whether it’s really good or bad. So we decided to launch a simple, online sentiment tracker tool to help you catch the scent of your conversations. is not only for Hi5 users, but for everyone looking to gauge the sentiment of their conversations. Find out whether you have an amazing or toxic company culture based on your values, analyse the strengths of your employees based on reviews, or check on customer experience based on feedback.

Want to check the sentiment in your company?

👃 Set keywords for sentiment tracking

👃 Analyze text from emails, social posts, performance reviews or type your own

👃 Get a visualisation & interpretation of your sentiment data

👃 Catch the scent of your company culture, employee strengths, toxic conversations & more

👃 Use our API to build Scenty into your own dashboards

How does it work?

Scenty is a free web-based tool. You can get started quick-quick by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to and click on the Try Now button.

Step 2: Adjust the keywords on the left, or enter your own. These can be your company values, or words that emphasise certain behaviours that you’re trying to sniff out.

Step 3: Paste or type your text in the text field on the right.

Step 4: Check the sentiment gauge underneath to view and analyze results.

What must I do with these insights?

Now that you’ve checked the general sentiment of your conversations (emails, social posts, messages, reviews, etc.), you may need to take some next steps. 

You may, for instance, have found out that a client is unhappy with your service because they feel threatened and abused by one of your employees. The obvious next step is to address the behaviours which were highlighted by 👃Scenty with this employee.

Another scenario could be that, gauging from input from co-workers on a quarterly review, you see that an employee is a shining example for customer success. Problem is they’re stuck in a department that’s holding them back. Now you can move them to another area or department where they can flourish!


There are many uses of 👃Scenty (that we haven’t discovered yet!) to help you sniff out sentiment. It’s free and super easy to get started and use on a continual basis.

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