Top 12 highest paid freelancing jobs

With more freelancers making up the global workforce, traditional corporate culture is witnessing a paradigm shift.
Top 12 highest paid freelancing jobs
Jessica Robinson

Do you know that around 35% of the workforce in the US consists of freelancers? More than 57 million Americans are pursuing freelance careers in the US. Isn’t that a staggering figure to prove how prevalent the culture of freelance work is becoming?

It is sensible to say that the global job market and the traditional corporate culture is witnessing a paradigm shift.

While the rise of the internet has unleashed many new verticals of employment, it has also made freelancing a buzzword in the corporate circuits.

Today, many companies find it convenient not to hire a lot of full-time employees. Instead, they are happy to outsource most of their requirements to freelancers, as it turns out to be more beneficial for them.

The market for freelancers across various fields and expertise is more extensive than ever before. Now, since the demand is high, the costs that companies are willing to pay to freelancers are also climbing. Hence, a lot of people across the globe are working as self-employed professionals and earning pretty well.

There is no limit to how much you can make as a freelancer working from home. What you earn as a freelancer is subject to your potentials, skills, expertise, and experience in a given field. As you gain more knowledge and expertise in an area, your worth in the freelance market is going to get higher and higher.

Let’s look at some of the trending freelancing jobs that come with handsome remunerations. If you have a keen interest in working as a freelancer to safeguard your independence, this list can be helpful for you.

Through this list, you can get an idea about various well-paid freelance jobs and what they could expect of you. Some of these jobs may be in line with your career goals or your skills. Further, in these freelancing jobs, you may find full-time career opportunities as well as sources of some extra income.

Here’s the list of freelancing career options that are in high demand in today’s world:

12 freelancing jobs that pay well

1) Web Developer

Are you a passionate developer who loves to code all day? In case you have an undying love for coding websites, you can earn a lot while working as a freelancer.

In the present digital era, almost every business has a presence on the internet. Unsurprisingly, there is a high demand for people who can design websites (especially for e-commerce) for these businesses and help them reach a broader client base. If you have expertise in website designing, you can earn handsome remunerations. A strong profile on the internet can help you find freelancing projects and clients.

2) Social Media Manager

Social media is gaining more power and popularity with every passing hour. Thus, it has become almost indispensable for brands, startups, and firms to have a strong presence on social media. Every business now sees an excellent scope for expansion or growth through social media. So, companies are always looking for creative people who can create and manage impressive social media profiles for them.

Instagram and Facebook are providing vital marketing opportunities to companies, and they want to make the most of it. If you think you are creative and addicted to social media, you can try to make a career out of it.

3) Legal Advisor

Law is a fascinating profession, and if you have calibre and experience in this field, the sky is the limit for you. So, if you’ve worked with corporate law firms for years, you can use that exposure to become an independent legal advisor.

Moreover, talking about the scope of it, there is always a constant demand for expert lawyers to deal with civil, criminal, corporate, or other lawsuits. The freelancing revolution has enabled a lot of lawyers to become independent and work for themselves instead of firms. Therefore, if you think you come with an edge over others in this field, you can build a very satisfying freelancing career.

4) Translator

This is one of the most popular and common choices when people consider self-employment opportunities. In this field, your proficiency with two or more languages (and proof) is the only essential qualification you require. To improve your prospects of success in this profession, you can take up certificate courses in the languages you know and learn a near-native understanding of the cultures. Once you become a certified translator, you can earn pretty well as a freelancer.

5) Corporate Recruiter

If you are a seasoned recruiter who has worked for a handful of reputable companies, you can find a handsome freelancing opportunity in recruitment. Many businesses and corporations nowadays outsource their hiring to freelance recruiters instead of paying the salary of a full-time internal resource. In other words, there are many jobs up for grabs in this field, because every company needs to find, screen & hire employees.

If you’d like to pursue this career, you’re going to need ample experience, impressive networking skills, and strong professional connections to excel as a freelance recruiter. This profession requires a mastery of management skills as you deal with talent from all walks of life. As a freelance recruiter, your profit is going to be proportional to the number of full-time employees you garner for a firm.

6) SEO Expert

Every website and business wants to rank high on Google rather than finding itself lost in the middle of innumerable search results. That’s why everyone wants expert SEO services to help them feature at the top of search results on search engines. Therefore, the demand for SEO experts is skyrocketing as web-based businesses vie for top keyword rankings. Further, not only are SEO professionals in high demand, but they are also paid handsomely in proportion to their experience and skills.

7) Content Writer

Are you a writer who invests all your heart and soul in your writing? If you are a passionate writer indeed, you can make a lot of money out of writing for various blogs and websites.

The demand for digital content writers and technical writers is increasing at a fast pace with the ongoing content marketing revolution. So, depending on how much quality content you can deliver in a day and your versatility as a writer, you can make a great living on your writing. Moreover, in this profession, salary is no bar for the deserving candidates and as an artist, the amount of job satisfaction you are going to find in this profession is going to be priceless.

Make sure you’re an invaluable asset to businesses by proving your skills in long- and short-form writing, as well as creating content for the web.

8) Photography

Do you have a professional camera and a deep love for capturing the world through your lens? If you do, then you can turn your enthusiasm into a well-paid and fascinating profession. Many events are happening throughout the year in every city, and photography is an essential prerequisite for all of them. With social distancing norms it has also become more essential to film for webinars and virtual events.

So, as a freelance photographer, you are going to find enough chances to build a clientele. You should also network with established photographers or event management companies to make it easier to find different freelancing projects.

9) Game Developer

Are you a gaming maniac who is crazy about developing and testing games? If you have the talent and the expertise to create intriguing and unique games, you can earn much more than what people get in other professions. But, before you decide to go solo, you should have enough experience in your bag to win the trust of your clients.

10) Copywriter

Copywriting is a lot different than content writing or creative writing. While content creators are expected to write blogs and articles, copywriters write descriptions of various products and services. Furthermore, copywriters also design the content for website pages and are well-versed in writing for SEO. The remuneration for copywriters is subject to their experience and quality of writing.

11) Public Relations Consultant

Many companies outsource their branding requirements to freelance public relations consultants. Also, most of the PR professionals are self-employed and work with different brands and campaigns simultaneously. The key to having a successful career as a freelance PR consultant is to build a strong profile on the internet. Also, your ability to think out of the box should be visible to people through your profile.

12) Freelance soft skills trainer

Soft skills are in high demand in the contemporary corporate world. Besides, nowadays the careers of people depend a lot on their interpersonal and soft skills. There are many reasons why soft skills are essential to employers for hiring and promoting employees. So, people who lack soft skills often look for coaches who can train them.

Since the world is becoming more and more competitive, students, as well as professionals, need these skills to excel. If you have strong interpersonal skills and love to teach, you can find a great opportunity in this ever-growing market.


To conclude, the freelance job market is growing in terms of value and opportunities with each passing day. The revolution brought about by the internet has transformed traditional working culture, as it has led to the trend of remote working which most organisations are now starting to embrace.

This growing culture of freelancing enables companies to hire talent from all over the world. Also, it opens up the global job market to aspiring professionals who can work for any organisation or client from any corner of the world.

If you wish to pursue a self-employed career, you can choose among a broad spectrum of freelancing jobs. Further, you should make this choice based on your passions and interests, as well as your skills and experience, for higher success. If you start your freelancing career with paramount experience and excellent professional skills, there’s no reason why you cannot make good money!

Freelancing is the way forward, and it is not going to be surprising if freelancers start earning more than full-time employees in the future.

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