Adriaan Venter  - Crowdsourcing the Best Tech Hiring Process

Adriaan Venter from Offerzen at DisruptHRCPT #4 - 2.8.2018
Adriaan Venter  - Crowdsourcing the Best Tech Hiring Process
Refiloe Metsing

It’s time to take a serious look at the state of hiring in South Africa’s Tech sector. With an ever-increasing demand for top talent, it’s painfully apparent that qualified candidates are a finite resource.

It’s survival of the fittest. As a growing number South African tech companies vie for the same tiny talent pool, businesses sink or swim based on the quality of their staff. So, what can they do set themselves apart and attract the candidates they need?

Adriaan Venter’s perspective on the issue might surprise you.

Whether we end up hiring this person or not — is this going to make them want to work with us?

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