Unlock the potential of every team member, through ongoing feedback and recognition

Measure and promote appreciation, goals, culture and happiness across your entire company

Hi5 Grow a happier more productive company culture

Appreciation made simple

Hi5 allows co-workers to quickly and easily give recognition and appreciation for each other in real time allowing management to track and monitor goals and values across the company.

Fun, quick and easy

Use GIFs or images to add creativity to your appreciation. Tag co-workers who worked together on a project.

Review on the go

With the mobile version you can view and anonymously rate individual staff members on the go.

Measure goals & culture in real time 

With the company dashboard managers gain quick access to the general progress of their employees. No more laborious meetings or forms required. Make performance conversations easier by looking at real time employee data and insights.

Continuous feedback

By enabling employees to anonymously* rate each other and the company, the company effortlessly gets feedback from employees around the Culture, Growth and Happiness of the company.

* Depending on settings

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Motivate by recognition

Hi5’s easy employee recognition is about more than just feeling good. Boost morale to retain your best employees.


of people say that expressing gratitude to colleagues makes them feel happier and more fulfilled.


of employees say they’d work harder if appreciated. 

More than 4000 teams use Hi5 to improve company culture

"It’s very easy to get Hi5 kick-started in a couple of weeks ... really rich insights & data that we can use to better understand our own people."

Wouter Lombard
Advertising Business Consultant & Talent Partner, M&C Saatchi Abel
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"What I love about Hi5 is that it creates a sense of cohesion, so it brings the team together."

Rugshana Snyders
Former HR Assistant & Office Manager, CreativeSpark
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"I've definitely seen an improvement in employee happiness and in culture."

Daryn Smith
Co-founder & CEO, MPULL
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"People are happier and they are willing to give each other feedback, which we didn't have before."

Thato Matlala
HR Business Partner, ooba
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"It works for our business and it really has driven an amazing culture through the team."

Taryn Jurgens
HR Manager, The Really Great Brand Company
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"It's been a super helpful engagement tool for the company."

Trevor Gosling
Co-founder & CEO, Lulalend
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"Hi5 motivates us; it gives us a positive outlook about ourselves, because other people are seeing it."

Kebaatswe Sebola
Junior Art Director, Mortimer Harvey
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"It's a cool concept to spread the happiness around and to know what's happening in the company."

Matthew Clare
Project Engineer, HI Calibre Engineering
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"Hi5 has been a breath of fresh air - it's easy, it's quick and gives immediate feedback."

Geoff Noble
Co-owner, Colombo Coffee & Tea
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“It pushes you to actually give recognition, which you wouldn’t usually do.”

Lynn Jamey
Content Traffic Manager, Moving Tactics
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"The app helps them, reminds them, to actually say thank you."

Michelle Caldeira
Managing Director, Blue Moon Corporate Communications
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"Hi5 has helped increase positive engagement, as we continue to grow at such a rapid pace. Our teams enjoy Hi5 as it's a simple, fun, fast effective solution that doesn't deter from their day to day."

Timothy Sprowson
Human Resources Director at wiGroup

"Lifting the mood in the office and building on relationships."

Alison Kranenburg
Head Office HR Administrator at Vineyard Hotel

“It has driven a culture of sharing our wins throughout the business. It really has also helped drive our 3 core behaviours by giving people the necessary enabler tools to be more engaged."

Taryn Jurgens
HR Manager at RGBC

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